The crisis New York is facing doesn't seem to be getting any better. It seems like it is getting worse and the mayor of New York City may be asking New Yorkers to help out soon.

It doesn't appear that the illegal immigrant crisis in New York is improving. New York City has seen thousands of migrants over the past few years. The City has been bussing immigrants Upstate for the pest couple of months. Several of the counties have been trying to prevent the moves through threats of legal action but it hasn't been successful. Dutchess County looks to have had some success recently.

According to their Facebook page, Dutchess County gained a temporary restraining order barring New York City from bussing migrants to Dutchess County shelters.

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They have been housed in hotels throughout counties across the Hudson Valley.

Twitter is on fire right now after clips of an interview with Adams went viral after he addressed the crisis and even mentioned his vision for the next steps in facing the migrant crisis. Adams suggests that the next step to solve the issue is to potentially have churches or private residences house the migrants.

The request that some believe to be bizarre and inappropriate was made in a recent press conference.

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