A newly released report from the New York State Comptrollers Office has named a number of cities and counties under significant fiscal stress and Poughkeepsie is one of them.

The report monitors the fiscal year that ended on December 31st, 2017 and measures each local districts abilities to keep the lights on. Each county, town, city, village and school district in New York is supposed to submit a report but there are 124 out of 1,589 who have not yet participated.

While the financial numbers look good overall with 97.5% of all local governments not in any fiscal stress category, there are still 37 who have been classified in one of three stress categories. Long Island and the Mid-Hudson Valley regions were listed as having the high proportions of governments with issues.

Other local communities that are mentioned include Westchester County, which has significant stress while Rockand County is under moderate stress. The Village of Walden and Catskill are considered to be susceptible to fiscal stress in the future.

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