A school bus driver in New York was fired for reportedly drinking a can of White Claw while driving some students home. People are understandably upset but the driver claims it was all one big misunderstanding.

Despite what they say, there are still laws when you're drinking some claws. A bus driver for a Long Island School District was allegedly spotted drinking a white claw on the bus.

The bus driver told the New York Post that she did not know that a can of White Claw had alcohol in it when she grabbed it from a refrigerator that she shares with her roommate.

Many people believe that these popular drinks are made with Vodka. White Claw is a mix of seltzer water and flavored malt beverage which is sugar-based. They may not have a strong alcohol flavor like other spiked drinks. The 60-year-old bus driver from Long Island also claimed that she is undergoing chemotherapy and cannot taste alcohol.

Change in taste is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatments. Even if she is telling the truth ignorance doesn't excuse someone from school policy or driving laws.

According to their website, White Claw Hard Seltzer is made from sparkling water with alcohol and has an alcohol percentage of 4.5%.

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