Do you speed when you are driving? If you are a 'normal' driver you probably go between 5 and 10 miles per hour over the speed limit at any given time. Is 5 mph over the speed limit even speeding?

New York State is about to hold one of its big "Speed Awareness Weeks" so what is the big deal about speeding? Here are a few things that Governors Traffic Safety Committee would love to have all drivers keep in mind, while they are behind the wheel.

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So what's the big deal? Speeding just means you'll get where you're going quicker, right?


Oh no, it doesn't. Speed is listed as one of the top reasons that drivers even get into a crash, distracted driving is also another one. Speed (as well as distracted driving) puts you in an unsafe situation every time. Ask yourself this, how long does it take you to react to a situation around you while you are going 35 mph, 60 mph or even 80 mph? Probably too long to stop in time to avoid an accident. Can you even really control the car when it's going that fast?

So you get into an accident because you're speeding? It's just you right? No one else ever gets hurt, right?

Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign

That hardly ever happens where it is just the driver of a car that was speeding that gets hurt. Speeding means that there is more force when your car hits anything, like another car, a person, or even a building. Remember that you might be a decent driver at any speed, but what about the person driving next to you?

Does speeding lower your gas mileage? Do you love paying extra for gasoline?


Ok, there is some calculation that was done by the government 30-40 years ago that said, 55-mph is where it's at, the optimal speed to not exceed, to have decent gas mileage, or something like that.

Do this little task with yourself for the next four or five fill-ups, and track your mileage. Yep, write down your odometer, then write down how many gallons of gasoline you are putting into the car. After a few times, you can bust out the calculator, do the math and see if you are saving any money or not.

Lastly, big deal if you save money by going the speed limit, slow down, and be aware that you are not the only person on the road.

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