Look, we've all heard the jokes and stereotypes about Walmart, their clientele, the images that your mind conjures when you think of the brand. Some of those are warranted, some are incredibly unfair, but I've gotta be honest, I feel incredibly conflicted when anything lives up to a stereotype.

I mean, on one level my brain is very satisfied: as humans we are programmed to easily digest and process things, dropping them into categories as basic and simple as possible, so when something lives up to basic expectations you have, it registers quite easily. On the other hand, I always hope that people, places, and things that are saddled with stereotypes--especially negative ones--will find a way to break out of that mold.

So, when I heard about a meth lab being discovered under the parking lot of a Western New York Walmart, I simultaneously thought "Well, yeah. Of course" and "Oh, come on, world."

Captain Scott Chamberlain of the Amherst Police Department said one of his officers was doing routine patrol work when they came across a culvert that led to an area beneath a local Walmart.


Among the materials collected from the scene were various aerosol spray cans, chemicals, plastic bottles, jars of clear liquid and a substance that police believed to be methamphetamine.

The good news is that, apparently, the meth lab was no longer an active one. In fact, the authorities don't believe it was ever used to make any drugs.

Which leads to an even more confusing and possibly concerning thought that there is someone out there that's just creating rogue meth labs all about the state, like some kind of insane interior designer. It's like if you combined Extreme Home Makeover and Breaking Bad.