Two of them are in the Hudson Valley.

You have got to admit that it's been ridiculously hot lately. We had some abnormally high temperatures towards the end of spring. Was that a sign of things to come? It sure seems like it because the start of summer has been off to hot start and it seems like it's only heating up.

Alive verified that we may face a swimming pool this summer. The only alternative is to head down to the public beach. If you're going to pack up your suit, towels, food and beach chair you might as well make a day out of it and go to a town that's known for having amazing beaches. Thankfully, New York has more than a one of those.

If you're thinking about hitting the beach this summer you might as well go to the best places in the state and there are even a couple in the Hudson Valley.

According to Wallethub, 14 towns in New York made a list of 145 best beach towns to live in and if they are good enough to live in then they're good enough to visit and go swimming.

They based the list on things like the weather, the town's economy, safety and how affordable it was to live in.

Check out this list of amazing beach towns that aren't are not a very far drive from the Hudson Valley. Have you been to any of their beaches before?

New York's 14 Best Beach Towns You Need To Visit ASAP

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