Is your credit score close to or higher than the average in the New York?

Your credit score is extremely important. The benefit of keeping a high score is one of those things that no one tells you about when you're younger. Even having no debt can be detrimental.  A credit score follows you everywhere like that episode of Black Mirror where people were ranked by a number system. It sounds hard to believe but your credit score is very similar.

A bad score can haunt you for years. A terrible credit core can keep you from getting things like a new computer, the car of your dreams and even your first apartment.

How is the average New Yorker's credit score?

According to Wallethub, the state with the worst average credit score is Mississippi. Oddly enough Minnesota has the highest average score with 724. New York state is right in the middle when it comes to scores.

New York came in at 22 on the list. The average credit score in New York is 704. Experian says this a good score.

This high score is actually surprising as the average amount of debt a New Yorker has is roughly just over $50,000. Those numbers were recently reported by the New York State Comptroller. The office also reports that New York's combined household debt was at $869.4 billion at the end of 2021.

What kind of debt do most New Yorkers have? The average New York resident has about $3,500 in credit card debt and around $6,000 in unpaid student loans.

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