It sounds like a Mickey Mouse operation over there. This story has way too much irony.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is nicknamed "the happiest place on earth" and for a good reason. It's a magical place for both child and adult fans of Disney to live out their favorite Disney or Star Wars movies.

I didn't know this but it turns out the Disney has a headquarters in New York City. The building has reportedly fallen victim to living in one of the rattiest cities in America.

According to Orkin, New York dos not just have a bad rat problem. It is second most rat infested city in America next to Chicago.

Mayor Adams declared war on rats and even hired someone to help deal with the issue. The public position even came with a 6 figure salary. Bloomberg reported that the salary paid around $155,00.

Their has not been much reported on the Rat Czar's accomplishments but there was a a community event held in Harlem recently that asked for volunteers to help clean the city streets. The event looks like it was planned by The Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Sanitation and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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It looks like New York may soon have to declare a war on mice too. Page Six reports that they saw a letter claiming the house that a mouse built was being overrun by the little pests. Maybe they were jealous? They might be trying to audition to take Mickey's job. Staff members were reportedly moved told to work remotely.

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