Well, this stinks. You may remember the story of the sewage trains out of New York that were dumping waste in a landfill in Alabama back in 2017? The waste management deliveries were part of a company called Big Sky Environmental, which hauled the rail cars from New York and New Jersey down south, and then dumped human waste in landfills in the Birmingham suburbs. This obviously caused a huge uproar and disgusting implications over time, as residents complained of the awful smell that could be detected many miles away.

Residents in the area say it affected and compromised their quality of life.

After the story made national headlines, Big Sky promised to stop hauling the out-of-state waste in 2018. But now, some people in that part of the country are convinced the infamous "poop trains" have returned. The New York Post says an Alabama Department of Environmental Management inspector shared there is evidence that the rail cars are back. WVTM 13 says that a newly constructed rail spur at the landfill was discovered. There were also eight empty rail cars that had been unloaded, according to a recent report.

More documents say that at least three wastewater facilities in New York and New Jersey received permission from Big Sky to dump waste at the landfill again. One Alabama resident told CBS 42:

Apparently they don’t have a place chosen up there in New York to get rid of it, so they are sending it on down to happy Alabama where we seem to have open arms for poop sludge.

The NY Post says that the Department of Environmental Management issued a violation to Big Sky after the rail spur was discovered. The department said they will conduct unannounced inspections at the site to compel compliance.

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