Move over Necco Wafers because there's a new winner for the world's most ridiculous candy and it is made right here in New York. You have got to try these at least once.

It is almost Easter and we'll once again debate on whether or not Peeps are the worst candy ever made. That's debatable but even if Peeps are the worst I think I found a candy made here locally that might be able to dethrone the yellow marshmallow puffs.

I have to preface this by saying how difficult it is for me to attack candy. I've got quite the sweet tooth and it's hard for me to pass up sugar. There's only a few kinds of candy that I just can't tolerate. Peeps may tops the list followed by licorice, candy corn, Circus Peanuts, Good & Plenty and yes, Necco Wafers.

I recently discovered a candy that's similar to Necco Wafers. Have you ever had C. Howard's Violet mint candy? Have you ever heard of them before? Apparently they are in a lot of stores and gas stations hiding right there in plain sight.

Look for this candy near the checkout aisle at your local convenience stores.


C. Howard's is a company out of Bellport, New York and it was created by Charles Howard in the early 1930's. It's described as purple flavored gum tablet.

So what the heck do they taste like?

These candies are actually not that bad despite smelling like lavender hand soap. It's seriously seems like you're eating dried up deodorant at first but for some reason I found myself eating the entire pack.

The candy was even referenced in AMC's Madmen and on the hit show, NCIS.

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