A local contractor made the unusual discovery while renovating a house in Newburgh, New York.

Have you ever moved into a new home only to discover some old treasure or antique hidden in the walls or floorboard? What was the strangest thing you have ever found? This might top the list.

You have got to love old houses and the mysteries that they hold. Some homes in New York can be especially unique because of how old they are. The oldest house in New York State that is still standing was built in Brooklyn and it dates back to the 1600s. A house that old has seen a lot of inhabitants. Houses with history can hold a lot of secrets and mysteries and there are plenty of them in the Hudson Valley as well.



A very interesting secret was just uncovered at a home in Newburgh, New York by a contractor remodeling an old home. As it turns out, the old house used to be owned by a doctor who apparently practiced out of his home like many others back in the day.

Jon Beer, a local contractor came across a cabinet built in the wall that seemed to house medical supplies at one time. I'm assuming this because of what he found in the cabinet. Any time these old houses have old doors like this it can be a little unsettling. I don't know what it is about old medical equipment that creeps people out. Maybe it's just how barbaric some of them look.

Newburgh Home's Secret Door Held a Bizarre & Creepy Discovery

A local contractor made an unusual and unsettling discovery in the walls of a home in Newburgh, New York.

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