If you're in Newburgh and you're craving a slice or a pie here are some recommendations based on people in the Hudson Valley's reviews.

New York knows pizza and the City and Town of Newburgh is now different. They have some of the best pizza places in Orange County and maybe event the entire Hudson Valley. Here are the most rated places to grab a slice while you're there.

If there is one thing that most people in New York have in common it's a passion for pizza. It's truly one of those unifying foods that bring us together. whether you're a meatlover, vegetarian or you need a gluten free crust there really is a pie for everyone to enjoy.

Which pizza restaurant in the Hudson Valley is the best of all? The answer to that question is subjective but we can at least narrow it down by the pizzerias that have patrons who rate them online.

There is no shortage on exquisite pizzerias in the Hudson Valley. A few weeks back we compiled local pizzerias for a list of the best pizza places in Poughkeepsie, New York. The top spot was controversial to say the least. Since then we also compiled a similar list of pizzerias in Middletown, New York as well. That list follows the most recent one below that highlights some of the most rated places to order pizza in Newburgh, New York. We decided to stay in Newburgh to compiled a list of the most and highest rated pizzerias in Newburgh according to reviews on Yelp.

The top pizzerias below may not have most stars but they were rated the most.

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