Hi, my name is Brandi, and I am a huge Nine Inch Nails fan. I have been since Downward Spiral, (yes, I did go back to Pretty Hate Machine and realized the genius that is that album too).

This week Trent and his associates announced that they are going to be playing New York City for the first time in three years. Ok, this is the first time that they have played anywhere in three years. Yes, Trent has been busy writing music for movies and being nominated

Who else will be on stage with Trent Reznor?

  • Robin Finck on guitar
  • Alessandro Cortini on keyboards
  • Ilan Rubin on drums.
  • also going to be a part of the shows is long time Trent collaborator Atticus Ross

Should I really be this excited? I am trying to control myself, because as of yet the band is only playing two festivals this summer, the FYF Festival in Los Angeles on July 23, 2017 and then they will be at the Panorama Festival (Randall's Island Park) on July 30, 2017.