Apparently, pea cocking on a plane isn't acceptable. Who knew? Just when you thought cats on a plane were a little ridiculous.

I'm an animal lover. As the owner of two cats and I must say that domestic pets like felines but I must say that I'm not too attached to peacocks. Not even the NBC logo but to each their own.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

As you know, United Airlines and other major airlines have been making their rules and regulations more strict for safety purposes. So you can imagine that security at Newark International Airport were a little hesitant to let a woman with a pet peacock in the cabin of the plane. I'm sorry, it wasn't a pet. It was a stress reducing service animal. After all, no one wants someone super stressed out on board. According to Live and Let Fly a woman did try but was denied because peacocks fall under the guidelines of an exotic animal which are not allowed.