There's a petition to replace the word "no" with a much less aggressive term because it's just too hard to handle rejection. Though the petition seems stupid, it's gaining a lot of momentum online.

Nobody likes to be told they can't have or do something. The word "no" is usually a word too difficult for toddlers and teenagers to handle. However, nowadays with so many people being too easily offended the word "no" has a chance to be voted out for good.

That's right, we're reaching a point in society when we don't like something, we just ignore it.

According to, a user named Ewan Mahoney has started a petition to remove the word "No" in the English language and replace it with "Yesn't". It seems foolish but it currently has over 35,000 online signatures.

This recent absurdity along with the rest of the politically correct movement in our culture we live in further reiterates that can't handle any form of negativity even in the slightest most minuscule form. It's not amusing. It's actually dangerous.

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