Looking for a job and want to see the world outside of the Hudson Valley? How about becoming a flight attendant? Norwegian Air is hiring for flight attendants to be based out of Stewart Newburgh Airport.

You would be applying to work on 737-MAX airplanes which are for their transatlantic flights. From their job posting, here are the qualifications that they are looking for:

  • You have an education to a minimum level of High School or comparable level

  • Legal authorization to work in United States and a valid passport

  • Height minimum 5 ft 3 inches or taller

  • Swimming skills at least 200 meters

  • Clean Criminal record

  • Good physics

  • Be able to work full time irregular working hours

  • Fluent in English

  • You must be able to document the last 5 years of your employment due, study time and other activities like longer stays abroad

Have you been out of the country before? Where do you like to travel?

H/T Newburgh Restoration for the heads up on this job opening.