Watch Assemblyman David DiPietro urge residents of the Empire State vote for New York to be split into three autonomous groups in this video that has gone viral.

An intense video posted on Facebook from assemblyman David DiPietro a few weeks ago has gone viral with well over 3,000 shares and over 160,000 views. The video is a harsh message directed towards the democratic leaders of New York.

"The democrats control the entire process. We Have no say anymore. New York City controls the entire process. I want you to know, it's being run by socialists and communists."


DiPietro urges viewers to go to At the website, you'll be able to support a bill by signing a petition to divide the state of New York into three regions. The regions would be split by New Amsterdam, Montauk and New York.
Do you agree? Should we be split away from New York City. Do we have very different needs from other regions of the state?
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