It has been one year since we first brought this to your attention, but yet, these peeling plates are still all over the Hudson Valley and the State of New York. As of yet, no one has reported to us that they have actually received a ticket for it, but a police officer, off the record said, that they pretty much aren't going to pull you over for this item alone. It would be in combination with something else.

That being said, why haven't you done anything about it? What is your reason? Just don't have enough time or you think it's going to be a big hassle. Yes, everyone loves trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles, but if it could save you some headaches down the road, what is keeping you from swapping your plates out?

Here is what we wrote shared with you in July of 2018:

Is your license plate peeling? No, it is not something that you did, it wasn't some weird substance that you drove through, there is a problem in the manufacturing of a few lots of the plates. The flaw? The lamination that was being used for a bit was not adhering properly, thus allowing the plates to weather and peel.

Is it a big deal? If your plate is unreadable or peeled to a significant amount, you could be pulled over and issued a ticket. Can you get a new plate? Most certainly and the NYSDMV will even give it to you for free, unless you want the exact same plate number, then you will have to pay a fee of $20.

How to get a new plate from the DMV, click here for the info.  

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