Would you take a shot in the arm for a deal on some pizza? You're a New Yorker, of course you would. This might be the most elaborate coupon ever.

I can't remember the last time I've used a coupon but people that do swear by them. I'm all for saving money but if I do end up getting the coronavirus vaccine it's not going to be for half off a large pie.

We're almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic. It's crazy to think that a vaccine for COVID-19 will start to roll out soon throughout New York and the entire country.

Many people are skeptical of the vaccine due to its extremely fast turnaround. On restaurant is trying to help people put their faith in science and also help out the first responders who may be getting the vaccine first.

Could saving money on pizza be the key to New Yorkers to start getting a COVID vaccine? We all love pizza and we all want rid the world of COVID-19. One New York place s trying to make sure we get both cheap slices and a vaccine.

According to WKBW , JJ's Casa Di Pizza in Buffalo will be starting a new promotion to run through February of next year where people who received the vaccine will get 50% off of their order.

When you get a vaccination do you get a receipt? I'm just curious what you would bring as a proof a purchase when you go and buy your pizza.

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