A random act of kindness shown by one New York State Trooper is going viral for all the right reasons.

Sometimes we just need a little help, right? A New York State Trooper took it upon himself to help a stranded motorist get home.

Sometimes we think law enforcement officers are only here to help us when you face a life threatening emergency or an issue when laws are actually being broken. Of course that's in their job description I'm not sure why some people think that police officers and state troopers are unlikely places to get help even during a time of financial crisis.

According to a post shared on the New York State Police's Facebook page, Trooper Justin Pierce from Troop G was at a local Stewart's gas station in Cobleskill and noticed a woman playing guitar on the hood of her car in exchange for cash. Apparently, the woman was broke and needed the cash in order to fill up her empty tank of gas. Trooper Pierce took it upon himself to help her by paying for her gas with money from his own pocket.

It's great to see an officer go above and beyond to help a citizen in need.

This isn't the first time in recent months where a police officer stopped to help a stranded motorist. Weeks ago, we saw a similar scenario go viral on social media when two police officers from Hyde Park stopped to help a woman change her tire on the side of the road after she was waiting for hours on a tow truck.

You can never have enough of these great stories.