There are all kinds of things lying on city streets that you try to avoid stepping on. You don't want to step on dog feces, chewed bubble gum, needles and I guess when you are in Brooklyn you can add a rat's head to that list.

According to the New York Post, a pedestrian accidentally stepped on a rat that was apparently trying to escape a subway tunnel.

We learned a few years ago that rats like pizza. Maybe they are now starting to get into the Halloween candy that is already for sale. The large rodent didn't seem to have any trouble finding food. It did have trouble judging the size of the opening and managed to get stuck in an unfortunate position.

The person was unable to save the rodent but did manage to capture a photo of the fat rat.

 We may see more rats in the headlines as the Post also reports that New York City is dealing with one of the worst rat infestations in the city's history.