Some prints found in the Hudson Valley have left some local residents puzzled. What animal could have made them?

I've been saying it for almost a year now but I firmly believe that when they decide to reboot The X-Files again they could bade the entire first season off of some of the strange things they have found right here in the Hudson Valley.

In the past year we've seen a fox with a deer head that resembles a Chupacabra in someone's backyard and we've seen eel-like creatures turn up dead in the middle of the woods.

We may have captured some more weirdness right here in our own backyard. Is this a job for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully or do you think you can solve the mystery behind these strange hoof prints?

A post on social media has a lot of people curious. What made these crazy prints?

A woman reports that she was walking near the Cohotate Preserve and The Willows Preserve in Greene and Ulster county when she came across these somewhat small prints. They appear to be hoof prints. They seem to be too large to be deer prints but it could be a possibility.

What is so bizarre about these prints is how deep there are. According to the person who discovered them, the prints we close to a 12 inches deep. What creature with hooves could make prints that deep that is native to the Hudson Valley?

Some think there may be a simple explanation.

Ann Florsch
Ann Florsch

The pictures were originally posted on Facebook. There were tons of guesses in the thread. Some believe that cows or even pigs could be responsible. However, the location doesn't give much validity to those theories.

The most plausible theory is that the thick track belongs to a moose. Many reported to have seen them much more frequently in the past few years in counties all over the Hudson Valley and even in Ulster County.

Do you think a moose made these prints? If not, what do you think could have made them?

Ann Florsch
Ann Florsch

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