WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company is our free monthly concert series brings you the best in free and live alternative music in the Hudson Valley. Isn't it time for your band to be part of it?

Open for WRRV Sessions

WRRV Sessions has hosted bands and artists like Andrew McMahon, AJR, Dashboard Confessional, lovelytheband, and so many more. The only thing better than one band is two. And that's where you come in. Are you in a local band? A solo artist? We want you to open for WRRV Sessions!

lovelytheband at WRRV Sessions (Jonah/TSM)
lovelytheband at WRRV Sessions (Jonah/TSM)

How it Works:

If you and/or your band is selected, you will open a WRRV Sessions show at Newburgh Brewing Company before the headliner takes the stage. Here's how the night would look:

Your set would start at 5pm at Newburgh Brewing Company. The majority of the set will be preformed for guests at Newburgh Brewing Company, but your last song will be broadcast live on WRRV. More about that last song...

Andrew McMahon at WRRV Sessions (Jonah/TSM)
Andrew McMahon at WRRV Sessions (Jonah/TSM)

Your Band Live on WRRV

After your main set, you'll join Jonah live on WRRV for an artist interview. Then, we want to hear your best cover song from a WRRV artist. It will be broadcast live on the station for the whole Hudson Valley to hear.

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Your band will be promoted along with the WRRV Sessions headlining artist for two weeks leading up to the show both on-air and on our social media platforms. Have what it takes to open for WRRV Sessions? Submit your info below and we'll be in touch if you're selected!

Welshly Arms at WRRV Sessions

Welshly Arms put on an amazing performance for WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company on Cinco de Mayo.
Thank you to Healy Brothers, Devitt's Nursery and Supply, Ballentine Communication, and photographer Chuck Merrihew!

WRRV Sessions with Two Feet, February 23rd 2022

Two Feet helped bring back LIVE and in-person WRRV Sessions at Newburgh Brewing Company. Thanks to Healy Brothers, Devitts Nursery and Supply, and Ballentine Communications. Photography by Chuck Merrihew.