I have to vent about one of most inconsiderate drivers on the planet that nearly hit me this week. This jerk needs to be called out.

There is no definitive evidence that people don't drive as well in the summer months. Most people drive more cautiously in the winter for obvious reasons. If the roads aren't in good condition then obviously people will drive slower. It does appear that when the roads are clear.

There are some other factors that may contribute to more accidents or worse driving during warmer weather months. People get more time off and they may be out driving more often. Tourists also travel more during the summer so they can lead to busier roads.

I have to vent about a driver who almost hit me and my child on 9D the other day.

There was some heavy traffic on 9D from commuters who were tying to get on I-84 to head towards Newburgh. As I was driving past the long traffic line black Chevy Volt got out of line. At first it looked like they were doing a U-turn and trying to find another route. Instead the driver just kept coming towards me while driving on the wrong side of the road. He continued to drive for about the distance of 10 cars. I was continuing to drive on the proper side of the road so it was like we were playing a game of chicken on one lane.

I eventually just stopped and the person drove around me and even went off of the shoulder. I have no idea where they were going and what their hurry was. I don't think it was worth putting my child and I in danger.

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