I have seen a lot of strange things while in the City of Poughkeepsie but this might top the list.

I have lived in the Hudson Valley region for almost 10 years now. In this area you could see just about anything. You have to expect the unexpected around here especially when you're on the roads. I guess you can add parking lots as well. I was at the park and walking to my car when I witnessed a lady pull up with no top on at all. She looked right at me like I was the weird one. Is this normal behavior in downtown Poughkeepsie?

To the lady driving around with no shirt or bra at Victor C. Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie,

I have so many questions.

What exactly were you doing? Where were you coming from? Where were you going? Most importantly where the heck was your shirt? I might have missed something. Maybe it was National No Shirt Day. Or maybe you had to take it off because of an emergency. Maybe you were smoking and you dropped the cigarette on your shirt and you needed to take it off because it caught fire. There's chance a giant spider came down from the ceiling and you took it off to escape. Maybe a swarm of bees flew at you and got stuck on your shirt. Did you lose a bet? I don't know what happened but there has to be an explanation.

If you're going to keep doing this you should maybe tint your windows.

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