I know you want to get photos of your gains and that's fine but do you have to snap those selfies when I'm half naked in the background?

Private gyms in New York are great for so many reasons. They create jobs as well as keep New Yorkers healthy and fit. According to the Global Health & Fitness Association there are roughly 2,000 gyms in New York with just over 4 million people who visit those gyms regularly.

A gym membership is a great investment. Investing in your health is always a good choice. I never knew who much I would miss the gym until I was banned from them for months during the pandemic. Hitting a fitness goal that you have set for yourself is one of the most rewarding things that you can achieve. It is good to celebrate those personal records. I get that you want to show off and that's totally fine. I do have a problem with where you celebrate those achievements.

Building lean muscle and getting shredded is not something that everyone can do. It's physically and mentally challenging. It takes time, commitment, routine and discipline. When your body goes through a positive transformation it's only normal that you would want to take a picture. Why would you want to take them in the locker room surrounded by other people who are more than likely getting dressed or undressed? Should you be able to take photos in the gym locker room / bathroom? Is it a breech of privacy?

Erwin Purnomosidi

Do you see people snapping pictures in the locker room? There could be a chance you made it in those photos. Should phones be hidden in the gym locker room?

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