When you are a parent, there is nothing more important than the safety of your child. There are a few people at the Orange County Sheriff's Department that are going the extra mile to help you do just that.

The Orange County Sheriffs Department has teamed up with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services to provide OC residents with the extra assistance of Operation Safe Child/Safe Child ID.

What is the Orange County, NY Operation Safe Child program?

Police K9

The program is one that will help you and the police out, should something ever happen to your child. The sheriff's office will (with your signed parental permission) take a photo of your child, and also make a copy of their fingerprints.

You might ask yourself, what does that do? There is also additional information, such as their hair and eye color.

What then happens to the Operation Safe Child Information in Orange County, NY?

A Deputy Sheriff Badge

The information is then provided to you (at no cost) on a card. You will keep a copy of this card for safekeeping, hoping that you never need to actually use it.

How can you go about getting one of these cards?

Contact the Orange County, New York Sheriffs Department at 845-615-3904. Their services are available in both English and in Spanish.

If you are having a school event or community event and would like Operation Safe Child/Safe ID to participate, you can also contact 845-615-3904, and ask them to participate.

Hopefully, you will never see your child, or one that you know on this following list:

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