Saturday, August 25th Water Street Market in New Paltz will turn into a literal pig pen for some pretty special pigs. These pigs will be on a mission to help some pretty special animals along with some pretty special pigs. Pigs of a Different Color - An Evening of Art and Animal Advocacy will be held at Water Street Market in New Paltz and hosted by CronArt USA next Saturday from 4 pm to 7 pm. 20 local artists have taken the time to "dress up" a pig to benefit the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.  Some of the most talent artists in the Hudson Valley have lent their talent to a pre-molded pig and created one of a kind works of art all to help the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

If you have ever wanted to own a one of kind pig this is your event. Pigs of a Different Color - An Evening of Art and Animal Advocacy is going to be the perfect place to pick up a precious pig. Local Hudson Valley artist has been working hard to create a pig that will not only look great anywhere you want to put it but also help raise much need funds for the good work done by the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary.

Join the artist and their pigs on display at Water Street Market 10 Main Street in New Paltz next Saturday, August 25th starting at 4 pm. There will be an artist reception hosted by CronArt USA and the pigs will be sold at a live auction. You can currently bid online. Some of these painted pigs are already soaring (who says pigs can't fly) in price so get in while there is still time.