"Pandemic-weary" New York City residents are seeking "refuge" in the  Hudson Valley.

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Beacon is serving as a "refuge" for "pandemic-weary New Yorkers" as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, according to the New York Times.

A Brooklyn couple told the paper coronavirus crisis caused them to flee Brooklyn for the Hudson Valley. The married couple now rents a two-bedroom home for $100 less than they paid for a one-bedroom "pre-war" Brooklyn rental.

Another former New York City resident recently purchased a home in Beacon because "seeing mountains all around is inspirational and relaxing." On any given weekend, Main Street in Beacon is booming. Driving the length of Main Street now takes considerably longer. Restaurants are reporting longer than normal waits and hiking in the Hudson Valley, including Mt. Beacon in Beacon, seems to be more crowded than ever.

Back in early May, we reported New York City residents were expected to move to Hudson Valley in droves. At the time, real estate agents reported an unprecedented number of city residents who were shopping for homes in the Hudson Valley.

In June, The New York Times reported a "buying frenzy" as New York City residents bought homes in Ulster, Sullivan, Greene and Delaware counties.

A reader told Hudson Valley Post within 24 hours of posting his New Windsor home he had 10 showings and three offers. One of the offers was accepted and the home was off the market within days.

Other readers reported to Hudson Valley Post if you don't see a house within a few days of it being listed it's likely the home already has multiple offers and an offer was likely accepted.

In September, Hudson Valley Post reported a real estate agent saying "the demand is insane," regarding New York City residents buying homes in the Hudson Valley.

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