It's been 20 years since Papa Roach debuted with Old Friends From Young Years and they're ready to drop their ninth studio album, Crooked Teeth. The band's sound has taken numerous turns over the course of the last two decades and now they've released two new songs that showcase opposite ends of their sonic spectrum.

"Born for Greatness" (video above) takes Papa Roach's classic rap-rock style, filtering it through some modern sounds like airy synths and pulsing beats that drive the song's energy. Building up to the chorus, the band even toys with some of dubstep's hallmarks, pitchshifting Jacoby Shaddix's voice on the final line of the pre-chorus, going into slight bass drop that signals the refrain.

"Periscope" (video below) is also synth heavy, but entertains Papa Roach's more somber, emotional facade. Shaddix accents the watery-toned melody with a rhythmic cadence, setting up pop singer Skylar Grey's entrance beautifully. The two come together on the verse and work to dynamic conclusion on the back half of the track..

“We didn’t go into this album with the intention of trying to write radio singles,” said guitarist Jerry Horton. “This collection of songs was really about bookending everything that we’ve done prior to this album and reintroducing Papa Roach to people who didn’t realize the depth that we have,” drummer Tony Palermo added.

“When we were in the rehearsal space I wasn’t thinking about who I needed to impress, I was thinking about how much I love making music with the guys in this band,” commented Shaddix while bassist Tobin Esperance commented, “It [the album] feels honest and pure and that’s all we could hope for."

Crooked Teeth will be out on May 19 through Eleven Seven Music and pre-orders can be placed through iTunes with the deluxe edition found here.

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