One of the area's most popular swimming holes will now require a permit for those who want to swim.

Last summer, the swimming hole at  Peekamoose Mountain in the Catskills was overrun with debris and litter from the thousands of visitors is saw over the season. Many complaints came in of garbage, fire pits not being used properly and parking that was out of control.

The parking was later rectified with new parking rules. However, the popularity of Peekamoose just wont die down.

It's a blessing and curse. While it's great to see local parks used for recreation with the family, the downside is over population in one area which usually leads to more pollution.

According to Hudson Valley One, as of June 30, free permits for Peekamoose are now required to visit the swimming hole.

Those looking to visit Peekamoose can visit and search Peekamoose for permit availability. 40 permits are available throughout the weekend and on holidays and are good for up to 6 people. There is no permit needed during the week.

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