Orange County Choppers donated its custom police bike to Blue Lives Matter NYC.

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Paul Teutul Sr. and his crew at Orange County Choppers build the custom motorcycle back in 2004 to honor police following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"We did this as a tribute for the recognition that you guys deserve. Just by going out every day and doing your job and I think that personally and our company Orange County Choppers," Teutul Sr. said during a ceremony at the Orange County Choppers headquarters in Newburgh while donating the bike.

On Wednesday in Newburgh, Orange County Choppers handed over the keys to the police bike to the President of Blue Lives Matter NYC, Joseph Imperatrice.

“It’s just a complete honor,” Imperatrice said, according to the New York Post. “I think we can all agree that in 2020, with all the anti-police sentiment that it means just as much if not more. “It’s going to be Blue Lives Matter NYC’s responsibility to tell the story of the bike to put a smile on the faces of those that lost a loved one in the line of duty and continue the rich tradition of Orange County Choppers.”

The bike will honor all police officers and will be used to help us raise money for police officers and their families, according to Blue Lives Matter NYC.

"I think that part of the problem (today) that we're experiencing is that people have a lack of respect." Teutul Sr. during the ceremony. "When we built this bike, what we really wanted this bike to represent all of New York City, but also the police all around the county. So I don't think that there's a better place for this bike to go then to where it's going."

You can see photos of the bike and donation ceremony below.

Orange County Choppers Donates NYPD Police Bike To Blue Lives Matter NYC