The treasure trove of useless knowledge known as the world wide web informed me of something I never realized. Something I've been doing since childhood, after a few years of practice. Yes I was a late developer but that's besides the point and I'd rather not go into detail about my younger insecurities.

I read recently on a twitter feed about the sound one makes while snapping their fingers. Go ahead a try it, then come back and I'll get to the point. The sound associated with finger snapping is a relatively recognizable. But what if I told you the sound is not produced by your two fingers?

Stay with me, I'm sure you've snapped your fingers a few more times and figured this out on your own. The sound is actually from your finger smacking against your palm. I fell victim to snapping my fingers over and over again for 2 minutes as I was simply amazed at a little detail that was unknown to me for several decades.

Enjoy spreading that nugget of info around at work today!