Far Cry 5 has been quite the experience for me. I've beaten the game twice and enjoyed both endings. I use the term "enjoyed" loosely since Far Cry has a habit of writing sick and twisted endings to their games. While it does feel unsatisfying at times, I commend Ubisoft for not being afraid to pull the rug out from under their audience. If you've never played a Far Cry game before, just think of it like Game of Thrones, it's almost never a happy ending.

This video is how I obtained the undetected bonus while liberating Nolan's Fly Shop. This cult outpost has a lot of brush and tall grass to hide in so I attempted a different strategy. I mostly use a scoped and silenced sniper rifle to attack quietly from long range.

Lady Luck was on my side for this play through because I was nearly detected several times due to my gaming tunnel vision. Is this a strategy you'll try to use? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for watching!