Are you a guy who has had life long dreams of partying at the famed Playboy Mansion? Well, for the right amount of money, you could have your wish.

According to TMZ, the storied Playboy Mansion will be hitting the market any day now, for a rumored $200 million dollars. Yep, $200 million. There is a catch though, Hugh Hefner needs to be allowed to live there until he dies. No guarantee that he will be a quiet tenant or if the legendary parties will be allowed to continue after the sell.

Will the owners of the estate, Playboy Enterprises, get $200 million for the home and the property, which includes a zoo and the famous grotto? Zillow reports the value of the homes in this area of Los Angeles, Holmby Hills, in the $60 to $80 million range.

Prospective buyers will not be allowed to tour Hugh Hefner's personal rooms and bedrooms when they arrive to tour the property.

Here is a look at what you might be buying: