So it is playoff time, for NBA and NHL, do you make lots of playoff food for these games or is it only the big football game that takes place in February?

Food that are a requirement for football games aren't necessarily the same foods for MLB, NHL or NBA. Hear me out. For the big football game, everything is pretty much fair food game, with an emphasis on chicken wings, huge subs and chili.

For NHL and NBA games, the food ends up being popcorn, chips, nachos, warm pretzels and an occasional hot dog.

For MLB games you will pretty much see all of the same food items that were mentioned for the NHL and NBA games, with even more hot dogs present along with peanuts, Cracker Jacks and ice cream.

Now, this has been all about the food. What do you drink when mixing food with a playoff or sporting game? The first thing that most adults reach for is beer. It is probably the number one beverage sold at sporting arenas, with the second one being soft drinks. When consuming sporting food at home the beverages include, beer, hard cider, margaritas and soft drinks.

What do you think is your #1 game day food and drink combination?

Do you have certain foods that you think help your team to win?