A bizarre incident at a New Jersey Wawa has lead to arrest of a 37 year-old man. ABC NY reports that police arrived at the convenience store Tuesday night and found the man acting in a suspicious manner.

ABC reports that the suspect told police he was under the influence of something, though it is not clear exactly what. Police say they told him to leave the premises after the man said he'd find someone to take him home.

However, our story does not end here. ABC says that police were right back at the same Wawa in Little Egg Harbor only fifteen minutes later after the same man was seen having a fight with himself. The suspect was reportedly seen "punching his face and scratching his eyes."

There's no word what exactly the man said to himself to spark the brawl .ABC reports that the self hating street fighting man even topped it all off by pulling down his pants exposing his genitals for good measure.

The suspect was later arrested and charged with lewdness.

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