In light of recent crime events, Hudson Valley police are instructing all residents to do six important things at 9pm each night in order to keep themselves safe.

Police are urging all residents to run down a checklist of safety measures each evening aimed at preventing them from being a victim of crime.  The routine was designed in the spring as a way to thwart thieves by giving residents an easy-to-follow set of instructions that will make it more difficult for thieves to target.

The City of Newburgh Police Department say they have seen a "dramatic increase" in larcenies that could have been avoided by checking just a few quick items off of a list. Police say the goal is to empower residents by letting them know about these simple steps they can take each night at 9pm to prevent crime.

Remove key fobs and spare keys from your vehicle

It may seem like a no-brainer, but a large number of vehicle thefts occur because the keys were left inside. There's no reason to tempt a criminal by leaving them with everything they need to quickly drive away with your car.

Remove all valuables from your vehicle

Just because you're door is locked doesn't mean that what you've left inside it is secure. Cars can easily be broken into. By leaving electronics, cash or other valuables in your vehicle you're making it a tempting target for thieves.


Lock your vehicle doors

Many of us are guilty of leaving our cars unlocked in our own driveway. After driving home with groceries or getting the kids out of their car seats the last thing many of us think about is locking up our car. That's why police say it's a good idea to hit the fob on your keys during your 9pm routine and double-check that your vehicle is locked.

Lock your residential doors

While criminals will walk from driveway to driveway looking for a vehicle that's been carelessly left unlocked, more ambitious thieves will do the same thing with homes. It's a smart idea to get into the habit of locking your front door every evening at the same time.

Masked thief using lock picker to open locked door

Turn on your exterior lights

Having outdoor lighting is a great way to convince thieves to pass by your home while looking for a target. Whether it's a motion-sensitive flood light or just a bulb outside the front door, making sure it's on at 9pm each night is very important.


City of Newburgh police are asking residents to spread the word about the 9pm Routine by checking in with authorities on social media and reporting that they have completed the nightly check.  Using the hashtag #9PMRoutine will allow others to join in on keeping their homes and vehicles safe.

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