New York's new and strict gun laws are preventing history buffs from teaching history through realistic reenactments.

The State of New York is rich in both Revolutionary War and Civil War history. According to Parks.NY, the battle of Saratoga was a major turning point of the war.

Hudson Valley History

Some important history took place right in our own backyard here in the Hudson Valley as well. During the Revolutionary War, the British occupied the ports in New York City. It was vital for the rebels to maintain control of the Hudson River. The river was an escape route for George Washington's army.

New York State was the most populated state during the Civil War and played a huge role in supplying the army during the war. Many New Yorkers may have had a relative who fought for the Union Army under Abraham Lincoln.

One of the most fun ways to learn about historical events is to see them, hear them and even smell them. Battle reenactments are a popular way to show people how things happened during these critical events in United States History.

Some reenactments have already been canceled and they may be gone permanently until New York's gun laws change.

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Do you think banning these events is going to far?

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