Sad news out of Orange County.

After forty six years, the famous Gasho Hibachi Steakhouse just north of Woodbury Common has closed. The Times Herald says that the restaurant, which was modeled after an old sixteenth century Japanese farmhouse, put up two signs on their front doors that simply read: "Gasho Steakhouse has closed. Thank you for your patronage.”

The beautiful building as well as the surrounding garden and koi pond were certainly a sight to see if you've ever dined there.

The popular restaurant which is located on Route 32 was known for it's colorful chefs, who entertained their guests with their food and fun displays.

The Times Herald says that Gasho had about forty employees working at the restaurant at the time of the closing. The original family still owned the property, as they have since 1971, but no longer ran the actual business.

Some say the place had fallen on hard times. It's extremely tough to run a business, especially in area with so many other up and coming competing businesses, as well as an area known for being so expensive.

Check out this old Gasho commercial: