Have you ever been to Big Indian in Ulster County? I know I have, but I feel like it’s been years since I’ve been there. The first time I went it was an accident. My friend and I had spent the day in Woodstock, then went for a ride and ended up in Bug Indian. It seemed like a cool area, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on. This was in the late 1970s, by the way. I remember seeing a building that I think was a restaurant, but I don’t remember eating there.

Through the years I drove through the Big Indian area a couple of times, but never spent much time there. Then I met a guy who lived in Big Indian and absolutely loved living there. I get it. It’s close to Woodstock, Phoenicia, Hunter Mountain, and those beautiful Catskill views. It really is a beautiful part of Ulster County. This guy was just a friend who I knew through work, but what impressed me was that he loved living there so much, he had no problem commuting to Poughkeepsie every day. He eventually started working in Kingston, which is a whole lot closer to Big Indian than Poughkeepsie.

I guess my friend knew a little something because Big Indian happens to be the home of the Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room, a beautiful restaurant that’s just been named the 2022 Ulster County Small Business of the Year. Congratulations! That’s a big deal when you think about all of the small businesses in Ulster County. The restaurant, a restored farmhouse, is owned and run by Marybeth and Devin Mills, who between them have an amazing culinary resume.

Over the years the Peekamoose has become one of the finest and most popular restaurants in Ulster County and beyond. If you’re headed to Ulster County, take the ride to Big Indian and check out The Peekamoose Restaurant and Taproom at 8373 Route 28. You’ll love the ride, the experience, and no doubt, the meal. To check out the menu and more about the Peekamoose, visit the website.

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