Another day, another recognition for this popular Ulster County town.

Home to the oldest street in America, breathtaking views, wineries, farms, and a charm that's hard to put into words, New Paltz has received yet another shout-out to talk about!

A story published in the New York Post on Monday September 20th by their Sunday Editor, Margi Conklin, noted New Paltz as 'NY's best small town.'

Like many others, Margi kind of stumbled upon the area, and fast forward 6 years, she and her husband now own a house in New Paltz, which they affectionately call 'the bunker,' where they had, for a while, spent their weekends.

What initially started out as a joke, referencing their New Paltz getaway as 'the bunker' turned into a bit of a reality come 2020 when COVID hit and they needed a place to retreat to.

Margi's story went on to talk about the things she began noticing about the unique and welcoming Town of New Paltz, where she and her husband have spent a great deal of time since March 2020.

Referencing town hot spots like the Unison Art & Learning Center, the SUNY New Paltz Dorsky Museum, the Cronin Gallery and Denizen Theatre, New Paltz offers something for everyone, and the cultural offerings are part of what make this town what it is.

Obviously there are no shortage of food options in town, with new restaurants popping up all the time, including a variety of vegan and vegetarian spots as well.

New Paltz is no stranger to getting recognition for being a hidden gem, a spot not to miss in New York, or the many other accolades the town/village has received as of late.  In fact, earlier this Spring, New Paltz was named "One Of New York’s Most Charming Historic Towns" by Only In Your State.  Earlier this month it was noted that New Paltz was considered 18 of the most "charming, sometimes overlooked small towns" in New York, according to Upstate New York.

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