Summer is here and that means lots of partying and barbecues, and going out for easy meals like pizza. One Ulster County town is going to be missing their favorite pizza this summer, but that’s not even the part that has residents and pizza fans concerned. They’re far more concerned about why their favorite pizza won’t be available this summer.

While I was looking at my favorite Facebook local foodie group page, I noticed a post from Danielle’s Pizza Shop in Phoenicia. The post said that Danielle’s would have to close for the summer because the owner/chef David has suffered an eye injury that required him to have retinal surgery. The good news is that David is recovering, however, the recovery process is a slow one and it will take time. 

David and Danielle have been advised by the ophthalmologist to allow David to fully recover before going back to work, and that means that Danielle’s Pizza Shop will have to be closed for the summer until David is totally recovered. Health is a priority, so work has to be put on hold for now. We wish David a full and speedy recovery.

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As much as the folks in Phoenicia will be missing that delicious pizza, their main concern right now appears to be David and Danielle. There has been an outpouring of good wishes and prayers from the entire community. Phoenicia loves their pizza, but they love their pizza maker even more. Best of luck to David and Danielle, and we’ll keep you posted on their reopening date.

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