Yes, we know. Bobcats are typical here in the Hudson Valley. However,  Cougars and Mountain Lions are not as common.

We've ran several stories on Bobcats, Bears and other larger animals making appearances throughout the Hudson Valley. When we share stories about their appearances we usually get a few messages letting us know that those animals are common in the area.

Cougars and Mountain Lions are common, but not seen as often in the Hudson Valley. Maybrook resident Drew Kohol shared video on his Facebook page of what he thinks is an Eastern Cougar.

You be the judge, take a look at his video below:

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says they field several calls about cougar/mountain lion sightings but "it is mostly cases of mistaken identity of other animals. Cougars are commonly mistaken for wild bobcats, fishers and coyotes, as well as domestic housecats and dogs."

Drew tells us that local police and the DEC are investigating the video he took on his phone after seeing it on Facebook.

Here are a few pictures the DEC has confirmed as Eastern Cougars. Do they look like the animal in the video above? Let us know on Facebook!