All it takes is Post Malone to make a pit stop in a Hudson Valley restaurant for us to forget all about social distancing. Did we really forget about the rules or are we just over it?

Post Malone was recently spotted grabbing dinner at a restaurant here in the Hudson Valley. There are rumors that he is filming in the Hudson Valley.

I don't know much about Post Malone and I'll probably never have the chance to meet him in person but he genuinely seems like a nice guy from videos that I've seen online. I'm not surprised for one second that after he ate dinner he took the time to pose with some fans. Photos of the celebrity encounter spread over social media like wildfire last night. Post Malone and fans posed maskless and got extremely close for Instagram pictures. How cool of him? All of this during a pandemic. Post is hugging strangers and taking pictures when we're not supposed to.

I wasn't in the restaurant but I'm guessing that Post Malone walked in with a mask on and then sat down and took his mask off. My guess is that he never put it back on while he was there. I know that's speculation but even if he did he took the mask off later to pose for pictures while he wasn't seated.  You mean to tell me that he  got out of his booth and took his mask off before he got outside? You or I couldn't do that.

Did anyone notice that the world didn't explode?

A group of people met a celebrity in the Hudson Valley and forgot all about social distancing and remembered what it was like to be normal, be real and just have fun with a stranger.

If that's the kind of reaction we'll get with celebrities coming to the Hudson Valley then I invite more. Please come have dinner with us more often.

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