People have some pretty interesting animals around the house these days, seems like a dog, cat, fish or hamster just aren't cutting it anymore.

I use the Nextdoor app and website pretty regularly, checking in for home repair recommendations or to find out the latest neighborhood drama.  When I logged in this morning I never expected to see a headline that read 'Found large pot bellied pig" - not in my neighborhood anyway.

My neighborhood, and the area that I belong to on Nextdoor, is pretty residential, especially where the 100-125 pound large black pot-bellied pig, as it was described, was found roaming the street.

No farms, no huge backyards or acres of land, not even a market for this (not so little) piggy to visit...

The thread went on for a few days, and I was extremely surprised to find out that this was not the only pig on the block, as people commented with "oh that's not so and so's pig, must be another one on the street." What? Multiple people on this street have pigs as pets?

Do you know of anyone who owns pot belly pig as a pet?  If not a pig, what's the strangest animal you've encountered at someone's (non-zoo or farm) home?