This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Ohio. Brandi is into checking out Ohio, she travels to Cleveland to see the Yankees play, visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and eat at great restaurants.

This guy caught Brandi's eye this week, because of this panicked call to the police department. Apparently, he was walking home (having just arrived at the Amtrak station) when a pig started following him.

Of course the cops could not resist attempting to come to his aid (the cops thought that they were going to get to arrest him, because only drunk people call the cops saying that a pig is following them, right?).

When the police arrived the found the guy to be sober and there really was a pig following him. The cops put the pig in the cruiser and brought him back to the police station where it was later claimed by its owner.

Is this the guy for Brandi or does he panic, just a little too easy? If you have a potential Brandi's Future Husband, email it to us,

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