A new shop will be opening up in a popular Dutchess County area.

Easdale Village in Poughkeepsie has become a very popular spot and nice area to check out these days. I remember when they just started building up that area and how right away you knew something pretty cool was going to happen there just by looking at the construction.

Hold that thought about Eastdale Village for a few minutes, we'll get back to it.

What popular shop is expanding in the Hudson Valley?

The Blue Olive (don't you just love the name).

For those who don't know, it's is a food and beverage store that specializes in olive oils, vinegars and more.

I really wish I knew how to cook because all of those oils looks amazing. Even though I can't, I have a few friends who can and they always say what you put into your food is so important and makes a huge difference. I can imagine that getting some oils here would make your food taste even better and add a little extra pop to your dish.

The Blue Olive is a family owned and run business and already has two locations in New York.

One if them is located on 26 Charles Coleman Blvd in Pawling and the other is located on 125 Main Street in Cold Spring. The owners of The Blue Olive recently announced that they will be opening up another location and the areas seems very fitting for this next spot.

Where will the owners of The Blue Olive be opening up their next location?

Remember how I said hold that thought about Eastdale Village...the third location of The Blue Olive will be heading there. The owners recently made the announcement on Social Media and mentioned how they are super excited to be growing and thanked all of their loyal customers for their support.

We wish The Blue Olive a ton of good luck with the opening of their new spot and wish them many years of success.

Have you been to one of The Blue Olive locations before? What's your favorite thing to buy there? Share all the details with us on the station app;

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