So the PowerBall jackpot for the drawing that will be held on 1/6/2016 is over $450 million (updated on 1/7/16) since no one matched all the numbers the jackpot on 1/9/16 is now the largest jackpot in US Lottery history, $675 million. Ok,so it is now the biggest lottery jackpot in history, now will you buy a ticket? Lets talk about actually winning the money. What would you do with it?

A new car, a new house? Wait, we are thinking pretty small. How about 6 houses, 6 cars, maybe a college education for all the kids in the family?

If you do when the lottery, there are a few suggestions from the people at that you might want to heed, including doing something as simple as sign the back of the ticket. You didn't sign the ticket and someone else grabs it from you, they can sign it, say it's their ticket and suddenly that money is not yours.

Two other great suggestions that you might want to consider it to try and remain anonymous (if your state allows it) and see a tax professional, before you claim the money.

But of course, compiling a long list of things you would do or buy with the money can be done at anytime, even if you haven't purchased a ticket.