Do you have a few non-winning lottery scratch off tickets hanging out, waiting to be thrown out? If you are like me, there might be one or two that just haven't been thrown out yet, for pretty much no reason other than I want to double check them before I throw them away.

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Talking with my brother-in-law, he said the reason that my sister and I both don't throw them out is that we are hoping above all hopes that when we look at the ticket again that they magically would have turned into winners since we last looked at them. Is he right?

NY Lottery has a Players Club app (iOs & Google) that will scan your losing ticket and then give you points toward Second Chance Drawings. At this time, only certain instant scratch games are eligible for entries into the drawing. Click here for the complete list of eligible non winning tickets/games.

In the past I had also been able to scan non-winning draw tickets (Mega Millions, Power Ball, Lottery, etc) at this time, that is not an option. For more information on all of the items that the NY Lottery has to offer, check out their website.

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